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If you don't have used Treasured yet, please Cancel and "Add Damaged Clip"


Indicate what describes best your job or company:

Freelance Filmmaker
Creative Agency (commercial, corporate, documentary and cinema)
Live Video Services (events, sports, corporate)
Equipment Provider (video and cinema)
Wedding Videographer
TV fiction and programs

Other Professional (using audio/video at workplace)
Data Recovery Company / IT Services Company
Video Aficionado

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Indicate what describes best your situation:

Mandatory Fields

Click to send a Repair Request and let our technicians confirm repairability.
Plan selected above can be modified later based on your needs.
With no commitment!

Creating Account

We have just sent an email message to
This message contains a link that you have to click to activate your account.

If you have problems activating your account, please contact us by email at repair@aeroquartet.com or request the message to be resent:

We're almost done...
Please remain on this page until sample upload is complete.

Enter job credentials provided in email message:

How should this machine be referred to?

User Information

User Settings

Account Statistics

Queue Manager

ClipTask%doneTime remaining

Improve Pictures

Must be a playable video recorded with the same settings as the damaged clip.
If none of the pictures above look good, you can provide a "good file" to help Treasured. It takes only only a seconds to retry.

Otherwise you can send a sample to our technicians, who will probably be able to show a preview of the video.

Action not available

"Improve Preview" is only available just after clip diagnostics.

Please sign-in first

Adding more clips will be possible after you have created your account.

Creating an account takes only two minutes.
Accounts are free and allow you to add more clips to your cart, and to verify the repairability of your videos.

Sample received!

Our technicians are now examining the sample of your damaged clip.

We will contact you by email as soon as possible.
It is not necessary to send more samples for the moment.

Sample received!

Our technicians are now examining the sample of your damaged clip.

Meanwhile, this is the perfect time to load the rest of the damaged clips to your Treasured account.
This way, we get to know the damaged clips in whole and we can give you the total price quote.

 ▶   ▶   ▶   ▶   ▶ 

We will contact you by email as soon as possible.

Application Maintenance

Treasured application is temporarily down for maintenance.

We are performing scheduled maintenance. We should be back online shortly.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Meanwhile, you can continue communicating with Treasured team through this email address:

You can also check the state of our services on Twitter,
and opt to:

Treasured needs to reload...

Due to a loss of connection with our server, your Treasured session has been interrupted.

Possible causes are:

  • Your computer went to sleep or hibernation
  • Your laptop lid was closed
  • Internet connection with server was lost

To avoid inconveniences while using Treasured, we recommend to disable computer sleep mode, to plug the laptop to AC power, and to use the best possible Internet connection in terms of reliability and speed.

Your account is suspended

Treasured technicians have suspended your account.

Account suspension may sometimes be reverted.

You can continue communicating with Treasured team through this email address:

If you prefer to start a new account, please click here

Your account is temporarily locked.

Treasured technicians are performing some changes to your account at this moment.
This usually takes only a few minutes.

During this downtime, you can continue communicating with Treasured team through this email address:

Your account is now controlled by the web application.

Time of start is 19:52:24.
If you haven't taken control through your web credentials, you should use the button below to take over, and disallow Remote Control in Toolkit screen.

Chat is not available at this time, but you can continue communicating with Treasured team through this email address:


Copy of message sent to your email



Treasured INBOX


Quote Change

Number of clips and total duration have changed, and so has the repair quote:

Quote was:

Quote is now:

Payment $

After payment is validated, this page will automatically refresh to let you download repaired videos.

A delay of few minutes after check-out is normal.

We recommend that you repair your files first, then pay. You can continue repairing after payment, but you cannot add new clips.

Contact us if you have any question about repair or payment.

Damaged File not Connected

For your security, web browsers cannot access files on your PC unless you locate them explicitly.

Please reconnect the damaged file(s) to allow Treasured to operate:

  • By clicking Reconnect, the File Picker shows up, and you can navigate to the damaged file and select it. Click on Open to reconnect it.
    for example, the damaged file
  • You can connect several files at once, for example selecting all files in a folder.
  • Files will remain connected until this page is closed or reloaded.

  Damaged File not Available

File is expected at:

... but is not found at this location.

Possible reasons are:

  • Disk/Card containing the file is not connected.
  • Read Permissions not granted.
  • File has been renamed or moved.

After correcting those problems, you can verify again:

Live Preview
Live Preview not ready
After Repair,

Repair Preview

Preparing this preview can take a few seconds...

Preview Ready!

Proxy video will open in a new browser tab...


Very Small File!

File is very small.
Below 1 MB, it is very rare to have video inside a file.
Please try with a bigger damaged file - or - confirm that it's a damaged audio file without video.

Very Small File!

File is very small.
Below 10 kb, it is impossible to have audio or video inside a file.

No media found yet!

Before you can sign-in, Treasured needs to complete the diagnostics of a damaged clip.
If Treasured doesn't find media (audio or video) inside the clip, you will try another one.

If you don't have a damaged clip with media inside, please contact us.

Diagnostics not completed yet!

Before you can add more clips, Treasured needs to complete the diagnostics of the first clip.

A Task is running!

To switch to another job, please wait until the tasks are complete.

If you prefer not to wait, you can cancel the tasks in the queue.

Cannot use this file as "good file"!

Only playable videos inside 3gp mp4 or mov containers can be used as "good file".

Same File for Good and Bad?

You have picked the corrupt video as "Good File" to improve preview.
Please find a good file recorded with the same settings as the bad one, if you really want to improve this preview. A good file should have a .3gp .mov or .mp4 extension and be playable.

Download of Repaired Videos with Safari

Due to technical limitations, Safari cannot download repaired videos.

Please use a recent version of Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, navigate to this page and press Download to retrieve your videos.

Error during operation!

Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact us.

Batch Repair

Please specify clips to be included:


  • To maximize chances of success, we recommend to avoid irregular clips for batch repairs.
    (irregular: not verified, with no media, or not included)
  • Use "Queue Manager" to change order of clips, cancel or receive a notification when batch repair ends.
  • Only accessible clips will be included anyway!

Repair Stalled?

Treasured is not responding.

Please wait a few minutes. If this warning doesn't disappear, consider aborting and starting over.
Whenever possible, your repair will continue at the point it stopped.

Note that if you abort, the pending tasks in the queue will also be cancelled.

Contact us if the problem persists.

Repair Failed

Treasured cannot repair this file. Possible reasons are:

  • File is too small to contain a significant amount of audio/video
  • File doesn't contain audio or video (empty like a book with blank pages)
  • File contains audio/video but with other format or settings, so Treasured needs to be reconfigured.

Please contact us to find a solution.

Error during Repair!

Please abort and start over.
Whenever possible, your repair will continue at the point it stopped.

Contact us if the problem persists.

Another Repair is already Running!

Treasured can only repair one file at a time.
Please check if you don't have it running on another device, browser, window or tab.

You can't repair from this tab unless you abort the other repair first or you wait until it ends.

After "Abort", you will be able to continue repairing from the point it has reached, or start over.

Irregular Clip?

This clip may not have the same video and audio properties as the job, and the Repair Kit may not work.

You can try to repair the clip anyway, but funny results are to be expected.

Repair this clip again?

Treasured has already repaired this segment of the clip in a previous "Run".

Repairing it again will just waste time to give the same result.

A Task is running!

To sign out, please wait until the tasks are complete.

If you prefer not to wait, you can cancel the tasks in the queue.

No Repair Kit for this job!

This operation requires a Repair Kit, but it hasn't been developed yet.

Have you already confirmed that you are interested in getting the clips repaired?
Please contact Aero Quartet technicians.

Sample not needed

Treasured has determined that this clip has the same properties as the sample that you have sent previously.
Sending a sample of this clip would not give us any new information.

Contact with Aero Quartet technicians

Please send a message to repair@aeroquartet.com indicating:

  • your name and your reference number:
  • what you are trying to achieve
  • what you expected to happen
  • what happened actually

With this information, we should be able give an helpful answer within a few hours.
Thank you!

Group Slices into new Clip

New Clip will be created in Job specified above by grouping the selected slices.
To inspect or repair this clip, you will need to navigate to the other job.

Clip Information

You can ungroup the slices to make them available again for grouping.
This will not affect the clips existing in others jobs.

Sending a Sample

You have selected a slice that corresponds to the footage you wish to repair.
Treasured will now send a sample of this slice that will be used to provide a quote and a preview.

How would you like to add a Clip?

DeepMediaScan has produced a "Disk Map" that contains all the media present on the disk/card.
You can now define a clip by selecting slices in the Disk Map and grouping them.

DeepMediaScan cannot scan this disk!

To scan a disk or a card at low level, DeepMediaScan requires administrator privileges.
To grant permissions, please enter an administrator password on your Mac when prompted to do so.

Permissions will be required again after a computer reboot, or after reconnecting the disk or card.

Preparing DeepMediaScan

This operation can take a few seconds...
Once DeepMediaScan is created, scan will start automatically.

Account is Busy

This account is being used from another location at this time.
You can only operate this account from one location.

To use the account from this window, users from other locations will have to be disconnected first.
Tasks currently running and tasks in queue in other locations will abruptly be cancelled.

By closing this page now, other locations will not be affected.

Preview not available!

This video format cannot be displayed in full screen mode by this browser.

You will be able to download the preview video file using one of browsers below:

This Browser is not Recommended

Not all supported browsers provide an optimal experience. After extensive testing we have compiled this browser ranking:

Switching to the recommended browser is easy:
Just launch it, then log into your account (using the URL below) and you are ready to continue!

Job Settings


Creation Date:


Price Tags:
Base Plan:
Plan Name:
Reference Clip:

Job Specification

Request Spec
Reference Clip:

Clips and Duration

Clips count:
Included: , not:
Rounded Duration:

Account Settings

Batch Download

Please specify Repair Runs to be included:


Don't forget:
  • Only accessible clips are included!
  • Verify that you have enough disk space available in your Download location
  • Later, with "Queue Manager", you can change order of downloads, cancel them, or receive a notification when batch download ends.

Treasured comes in two flavors

Macintosh® users can choose between downloadable and web applications.
Both have similar capabilities, and identical service level and pricing.

Treasured, the downloadable app, is recommended for Mac users.

Cannot Download Repaired Clips

This function is only available after payment.

Cannot Download Repaired Clips

You can only get the repaired clips after payment.

Treasured offers free 6 seconds previews of repaired clips to verify the content and the quality before payment.
It is also possible to watch the Live Preview of the clip while it is being repaired.

Treasured needs to install specific tools:

Create Tag

User Tags can contain letters and numbers grouped in a single word.

New tag will be applied to selected clip.

Starting Teleport...

Please wait a few seconds, Teleport is contacting your Mac running Treasured...

Here, Now
iMac at Studio

Teleport is disconnecting

After a few seconds, your Mac running Treasured will have control again.
If you want to operate it remotely again, please reload this page.

New Source Files


Teleport: Access Denied

Connection to remote agent was not possible.
This job cannot be operated.

Teleport: Not Responding

Connection to remote agent was not possible.
This job cannot be operated.

Teleport: Already In Use

Connection to remote agent was not possible.
This job cannot be operated.

Add new clips from Cloud

Download links, one line per URL:

Add new clips from Source Folders


Sending Sample of Clip



Deliver to Cloud



Creating new Job

This operation can take a few seconds...
Once job is created, a sample of the clip will be sent to Aero Quartet.


Your account will be available in a few seconds.

Welcome to Treasured Live Assistance

Please fill in the form below to receive assistance.

Resending the activation message

Please verify your email address: 

Login to existing account

Please enter login email address: 

Treasured cannot connect using this address.
Please contact us by email at repair@aeroquartet.com

Login to existing account

When your Treasured account was created, we have sent an email message that includes the access link.
Please use this link to login or contact us by email at repair@aeroquartet.com for assistance.

Disk Space Gauge

  • Used
  • Pool
  • Shortage
  • Spare

Pool space is calculated on the basis of one run per file, yielding a repaired video with roughly same size as original. We have Shortage if pool space grows bigger than available disk space.

How to free more space:

  • Discard clips not needed
  • Delete runs not needed
  • Move repaired videos to other disk
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Go “native” on Mac and Save Time

On Mac, Treasured app is native:
Faster, more tightly integrated than a web app can be. A premium experience.

Even if you're doing your editing and post on a PC, we recommend to use your Mac for video repair.

Visit the website with your Mac to get the App


Use Treasured app on your Mac to chat with us

An account already exists on your Mac.

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